Tuesday, 25 April 2017

My Spring Beauty Wishlist

With spring in full bloom and summer just around the corner, I've now gained a wishlist of beauty products I'm wanting to add to my collection in preparation for the long summer days and to nail that bronzey summer goddess look (I wish).

1. * L'Occitane Almond Supple Skin Body Oil
I am the worst person for remembering to moisturise my skin after the shower in the winter, so when summer comes around and I'm about to flash some skin I need something that is going to really help make up for the last few months of neglect. I found L'Occitane's almond oil for skin whilst perusing the web and adding multiple items to my basket and thought this would be the perfect item to help with my dry skin woes. The product promises to help skin feel firmer, smoother and more supple after one month of use which sounds good to me! And for a brucey bonus, it contains lots of amazing ingredients to help nourish your skin.

What appeals to me most is that it has a spray nozzle which you can just spritz over your skin after the shower then rub into the skin making it very quick and fuss-free, which is exactly what I need before work. Oils also leave a beautiful sheen on the skin bringing me one step closer to my goddess status.

2. The BodyShop Skin Defence Multi-Protection Essence SPF 50
When I was reading Lily Pebbles latest blog post about her skin analysis and new skincare routine I realised I have been an awful person and have never put SPF on my face other than when I'm on holiday. I'm not quite sure why I've not thought about doing it sooner, but after a quick lunchtime research on skin damage from the sun I decided I urgently needed to add a SPF into the mix.

3. Kylie Cosmetics KKW Creme Liquid Lipsticks
Now if you've read my Five Beauty Items I Won't Be Buying post you will know that I wasn't hugely fussed on getting my hands on the Kylie lip kits, then a month later Kylie calls in  her older sister Kim Kardashian West, queen of makeup looks, to create four nude creme lipsticks all named after Kim, obvs. What makes me want them, even more, is they're not just your average brown nude, you've got some peaches and some pinks and they will all look gorgeous teamed with a bronze eye look and can practically be worn every day. YAS Kim!

4. L'Oreal True Match Foundation
I tried this a few years ago back when I first started blogging 'properly' and I just didn't like it as it clung to my skin around my nose and t-zone even though I have normal skin. It looks as if the formula has changed since then so I'm willing to give it another go after watching countless makeup looks on YouTube.

5. Ofra Highlighter Blissful
This beautiful rose gold powder highlight looks insane in the swatches I've seen and I can imagine would look gorgeous in the sun with a tan, bronze eyeshadow and my KKW lip kits!

6. Stila Magnificent Metals Glitter Glow Liquid Eyeshadows
I bloody love a glittery eyeshadow and I have been lusting for the Stila eyeshadows for what feels like a hundred years. If you haven't seen them in action yet I beg you to marvel at them on YouTube and you will never turn back. I'm desperate to get my hands on the Rose Gold Retro shade!

What have you been lusting after this spring?


* This post was sponsored but all oppinions are my own.


Tuesday, 4 April 2017

A Gorgeous and Eco Friendly Way to Apply your Makeup

So Eco rose gold brushes

The tools you decided to use to do your makeup with is just as important as the products you're using; they really can make a world of difference. I have a mixture of Real Technique and high-end brushes in my collection but have recently been introduced to So Eco's brushes after they sent me a couple of their brushes from their new Rose Gold Collection.

So Eco is a range of eco-friendly makeup brushes, with the components all being 100% responsibly and ethically sourced. Although they are eco-friendly they don't compromise on the quality of the product.  The brushes are made from bamboo for the handles and cruelty-free sourced bristles which are perfect for using with liquid and powder products.

What I love about these brushes is that the design is so simple but looks beautiful with your makeup collection, and more importantly, they are a pleasure to use. I was sent the Stippling Brush and Multi-Tasking Brush to try out a few weeks ago now, and every day without fail I still reach for them.

The handles are designed to be slightly weighted with a section to grip, making them really comfortable to use. Then obviously as it's from their Rose Gold collection there is a beautiful rose gold band in between the handle and the bristles which make them look more high end. The bristles are very soft and fluffy and so far I haven't experienced any stray hairs!

I have used the stippling brush with different foundations and I found they all blended very well without leaving streaks. I tend to use it in a buffing motion for a light coverage and then stipple extra product over areas I wanted more coverage. I have been loving using the Multi-Tasking brush for my highlighter; as the brush is rather dense I find that it really packs the product on and gives me an insane glow.

I hadn't tried So Eco products before but I'm so glad I have come across them as they're now a staple in my everyday makeup routine. You can buy them in Sainsbury and Tesco stores as well as online on Amazon.

Have you tried So Eco brushes before? What's your favourite makeup brushes to use?

Ellé x

* These products were kindly gifted to me by So Eco but all opinions are my own.


Sunday, 26 March 2017

Irresistible Me Hair Extension review

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I have always wanted thick long mermaid hair but no matter how hard I try it never seems to grow as long or as thick as the Pinterest pictures I've been lusting after. When Irresistible Me reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their remy hair extensions, I jumped at the chance!

The first thing I needed to select was the thickness, length and the colour of the hair. This was all a bit overwhelming for me 1. because I am useless with measurements and find it impossible to picture what it would look like and 2. because I have multi-tonal blonde hair I had no idea what colour to get! After watching a helpful YouTube video on their channel I decided to go ahead with the Silky Touch hair extensions in Platinum Blonde 200g and 22 inches.

The hair extensions arrived in quite a small sleek box which initially made me worry that there wouldn't be enough hair. There was no need to worry, the hair was vacuum packed and neatly tied up in a hair net to avoid them getting tangled in transportation. It may not look a lot in the box but when I got them all out there was plenty and I don't even have enough headspace to fit them all in!

The colour of the hair extensions are not a perfect match, unfortunately, they're slightly more yellow in real life than my hair which is more on the ash-ier side. As I've not had hair extensions before I took them to my amazing hairdresser (also sister in law) to show me how to blend them into my hair correctly. It is actually a really simple process and the clips are very comfortable to wear, the hair does feel heavy when wearing it but it's definitely not uncomfortable.

The hair extensions are 100% natural remy so can be styled and washed like your normal hair. My hairdresser was really impressed with the quality of the hair and how much you got for the money, and so was I! We decided to style the extensions in a cascading fishtail plait for ultimate Rapunzel feels.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I will be definitely using these hair extensions for special occasions and I think they're going to be great for my bridal hair up-do.

Have you had hair extensions before?


Friday, 17 March 2017

Five beauty items I won't be buying

After watching The Anna Edit's anti makeup haul on YouTube the other day I thought I'd do my very own anti haul and share with you five things I won't be purchasing anytime soon.

Benefit They're Real Duo Eyeshadow Blender, £19.50

If there was ever a bigger gimmick this has to be it. In case you haven't seen it it is basically two eyeshadows that go together one of them is for the lid and the other is for the crease. You're meant to rub the dome blender into both of the eyeshadows at the same time then sweep across your eye to create an easy smoky eye. First things first, what even is that blender?! Nobody has the same eye shape or size so I don't know how this is meant to work. I've watched countless videos and I haven't seen it work yet for one person, they end up with a crazy rainbow across the eye! I'd much rather save my pennies and buy two nice eyeshadows.

Unicorn Highlighter

For some reason there has been hype revolving around unicorns all of a sudden and a few brands jumped on the bandwagon and released a unicorn highlighter; this is basically just a rainbow stripped highlighter. Other than fancy dress I don't see why or how anyone would wear this, this product is clearly just for the Insta's and then to collect dust in the darkest depths of the beauty drawers.

Kylie Lip Kits, $29

I do secretly still want one and I feel like I'm the only one who still hasn't, but my goodness I can not bring myself to pay for delivery then shipping charges, by the time that's all added up I could have brought a car. Plus everywhere does them now so I don't need them in my life (bit of reassurance to make myself feel better inside).

Anastasia Beverly Hills X Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit, $40

I love ABH, I love Nicole Guerriero and I also love highlighters and think this palette is to die for but I don't need so many highlighters and I think I'd just buy it to look at it lovingly. If they sold each one separately (and in the UK) I would be all over them like a rash.

Benefit They're Real Double The Lip, £16.50

Sorry Benefit, I do love you really but just not these two products! Again, this looks like another gimmick that I'm not going to jump on board with. I just really don't see the point in it and none of the colours really stand out to me anyway.

So there you go, five beauty products I won't be reaching into my pocket for! What products will you not be buying?

Ellé x


Tuesday, 7 March 2017

Have dupes gone too far?

There has been quite a bit of controversy recently regarding fast beauty brands dupes especially Makeup Revolution (TAM Beauty). If you haven't read Beauty By The Bunny's blog post, I would recommend a read as it definitely started a debate, just look at the comments at the bottom! The argument does seem very split, some people believe that fast beauty brands copying higher end brands products is a huge problem and demoralising for the brand, whereas on the other hand, lots of other people are disagreeing and saying if it wasn't for these dupes they wouldn't have access to some great products. Now I'm in two minds and can see it from both perspectives but I do think I'm leaning more to the 'wrong' side and am agreeing with Angela from Beauty By The Bunny. As I said, make sure you give her post a read as well as she has done a lot of research and has even got some quotes to support her argument.

Hear me out, I have previously brought products from Makeup Revolution and probably still will. When I first set across blogging I did a haul with dupes for the Too Faced Sweet Heart blushers and Chocolate Bar palette. Hand on heart I can honestly say I enjoyed using those products and do still use them. The reason I initially bought them though was because I had seen swatches and reviews on how good they were and then when I realised it was a dupe I guess it did encourage me to buy it more. Although I enjoyed those products I have also brought some of their other products and I've thought they were a waste of money, it's just a bit hit and miss like most brands.

My makeup is a stash of high-end and drugstore products and I tend to buy what's right for me and what I like. If that's something from Makeup Revolution or say MAC then so be it! I love a good dupe, who doesn't?! But I love dupes for the fact that the product is the same colour/quality/pigment as the other product. I do not care for dupes that are only based on packaging and names as there's no substance to it, and this is where I think brands like TAM Beauty and W7 are going wrong. There is no doubt they do some great products but there are other times where they just push too much out that you do have to start questioning the quality. In Beauty By The Bunny's blog post you will see that she got a quote off Adam Minto himself saying that they've made 3,000 products in 3 years, now that's a lot. High-end and even drug store brands don't do this as they put a lot of thought into the product hence why you pay the price, but TAM Beauty and W7 are both delivering for the customer demand.

Pictures used are from the brand's official website.

Overall I think there's no harm in good quality dupes but I do feel that where they copy the whole thing from the packaging, shade's and names I think is a step too far. What's your opinion on this?

Ellé x

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