Sunday, 18 September 2016

Results With Lucy New Beginnings Plan

Results With Lucy

This post is a little different to my usual fashion/beauty posts but I really wanted to share my experience so far with Results With Lucy. I have been wanting to get fitter for a while now and have tried numerous YouTube videos and dvds that just weren’t helping. After choosing to do Results With Lucy for a couple months now I thought I would share a little review by answering some hopefully helpful questions, that will give you a bit more information and insight. I know when I was weighing up my options to start with I was wanting as much information as possible from people who have done it themselves, so here you go…

What made you start Results With Lucy?

I’ve always been slim and have got away easily with eating what I want and doing as little exercise as possible. Obviously as my body started to mature I noticed more of a change, especially with my hips. When I was at school I was very good at keeping active, it all changed though one day when I was walking and my knee suddenly dislocated and ended up on the other side of my leg (gross). I ended up in a huge elephant bandage, then a cast followed by a ‘Forest Gump’ like contraption where I was unable to bend my leg for 6 months. Obviously by the time I had this all removed I had little to no muscle in my left leg. I was given lots of physio and exercises to do but as soon as I could walk again without a limp, I soon gave them all up.

Because of my naïve decision my knee ended up dislocating regularly and I used it as a poor excuse to give up all forms of exercise which just made very lazy and unfit. Last year I decided I was going to start running as I thought this may help. Within the 3rd week I had damaged my knee and the doctor gave me a stern telling off and said I should try something more gentler on the knees, if I came in again with my knee I would be straight into surgery, which for some reason is something I have always been scared of.

I started seeing RWL floating all over the internet and got a bit obsessed with checking the #rwlfitties hashtag on Instagram as well as looking at Lucy Mecks before and after. Lucy’s before and after really appealed to me as I feel like we had some things in common. We both were slim to start off with but due to our diet and lack of exercise we were both unfit, tired and untoned. It was important to me that I didn’t lose weight, but just gained a healthier lifestyle, a toned body (especially in the legs), a stronger knee so I wasn’t constantly worrying and just fitter in general.

How long have you been doing RWL?

I have just completed the New Beginnings plan which is the first one I have done with RWL. The plan was 13 weeks long – I’m pretty chuffed I have stuck to one thing for so long, I usually give up after the first day. You only have to exercise 4 times a week and they compile a playlist for you for each day. Each day is probably only around 45 minutes of exercising. They start with a warm up followed by 2 or 3 videos focusing on different parts of the body e.g. legs, arms, abs or cardio and then you have a cool down.

Does it get boring?

Not in the slightest! It’s not like fitness dvds where you have the same music, instructor, exercises and music all the time. Each day you’re doing something different and in most videos you have a different instructor. Lucy usually appears in the majority of videos along with Cecilia, and then you have a few other instructors who focus on different type of exercises e.g yoga, cardio. This keeps everything fresh. I’m not denying that there hasn’t been one day where I’ve gone ‘eugggh I really don’t want to do this’ because there has been plenty of days like that, but as soon as I do it I’m always buzzing and have so much more energy.

Do you need to be fit already?

Definitely not. Obviously if you’re just starting and you’re not very active it is probably best to start with the New Beginnings plan. You can actually fill out a quick questionnaire on the website which will recommend you the most suitable plan. The New Beginnings plan is progressive and gets slightly harder each week pushing your abilities further and further. What’s also nice is that even Lucy struggles with some of the moves which is quite refreshing! The RWL community on social is also very supportive. I like to look at some of their posts to encourage me to keep at it.

What happens if you’re ill / on holiday?

This was one of my main worries. I knew I had a week’s holiday coming up at the end of the plan, I also then had a couple days where I was ill which you obviously can’t control. Luckily RWL have thought about this and there is an option where you can turn holiday mode on. This extends your plan by two weeks which I found so helpful.

What’s the food plan like?

With the New Beginnings plan there is a full food plan to coincide with the fitness plan. They’ve created a little help sheet to let you know what to avoid and how to replace certain foods etc. Then there’s also a breakfast, lunch and dinner recipe for each day as well as a weekly shopping list which factors in what you should have already brought from the previous weeks.

I will be truthful in saying that I haven’t stuck to the food plan as well as the fitness plan. I have tried a few of the recipes and have loved them, there’s a huge variety and it’s not just different versions of salads! As I still live at home with the parents I find it quite hard to stick to the recipes every day as I have to use the ingredients in the house and eat with everyone else as well. I have been eating healthily though and have been taking inspiration from the recipes.

How much weight have you lost?

I didn’t weigh myself before or after, I don’t even own scales. When I last got checked at the doctors they said my BMI was perfectly normal so I’ll just go along with that. I don’t like the thought of getting hung up on my weight as it can be quite demoralising if you think you’ve worked your butt off to then be told you’ve put on x amount of pounds.

I will say I have noticed that my hips and legs have changed the most which I’m very happy about. I’m normally a size 8 but was really struggling as my hips, thighs and bum were more of a 10 which made getting jeans impossible. Now I’m a solid 8 all over.

Results With Lucy before and after

What did you like / dislike the most?

I liked how it’s always something different and covers the whole body. With working a full time job I also like how I can fit it around my own timetable. Another thing was the fitness test every 4 weeks – I loved being able to see progress that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

There wasn’t anything I really disliked about the plan or RWL in general but I would say my least favourite would be the cardio! Every time it pops up I die a little inside, I’ve always hated cardio, for some reason I just always forget to breathe! To be honest though the cardio videos are still fun, especially the dancing ones, and once I’ve done it I’m always so chuffed that I’ve finished it (and it’s over).

What are you most proud of?

This may sound silly but I can now do 24 press ups on my knees in a minute. That may seem pathetic to some, but I could barely do 1 without collapsing on the floor unable to pick myself back up from the floor to complete it! When I first did the test on day 1, one of the exercises is to do as many press ups as you can in a minute, I put down that I managed 13; Now that I think back to it I 100% cheated. I did that thing where you just dip your arm but your bum and that is just sticking up in the air.

What plan are you doing next?

I’m planning on doing the Wobble to Model plan next which I’m excited for followed by HIIT Harder.

I hope you enjoyed this kind of post! This isn’t an ad in the slightest I just wanted to hopefully help anyone else who may be considering RWL or are wanting to kick-start their fitness journey.

Ellé x

Sunday, 11 September 2016

My first cruise experience

Norweigan Cruise Line The Epic

Last Sunday I was just getting back from my first cruise ever around the Med with Norweigan Cruise Line. My dad works for the company so me and mum decided to hop on The Epic and trial it out for a holiday.

Although my dad has gone on and on about how amazing the ship is and the facilities I just did not expect it to be as amazing as it was. In my head I always pictured cruises to be full of old people in their finest garments / a mixture of the titanic, and that just wasn't something that appealed to me. I didn't have to worry as NCL had it covered and there's everything you could possibly want or need on the ship. I don't have a picture, for some strange reason I didn't take one, but there are plenty on Google images.

What really surprised me was that there was a mixture of different people, of all ages and from different parts of the world all enjoying it so much. And it's no wonder as I mentioned previously, there is everything on the ship including multiple restaurants/buffets, pools, huge slides, spa, shopping, a theatre (!!!), circus tent, ice room, bars, hairdressers, casino, nightclubs and so much more! What I loved most though is that although you're on the ship you wake up in a different place to explore every morning.

Me and mum decided to fly out on Saturday to Barcelona before we joined the ship on the Sunday so we could have a quick look around. We ended up just getting lost while walking around looking at all of the beautiful buildings as well as a bit of shopping of course, and then we had to have some paella and tapas!

Sunday we joined the ship in Barcelona and then Monday was a day at sea. On Tuesday morning we arrived in Naples. Now I was really excited to see Italy as I've always wanted to go but hadn't got round to it until now. We had booked tours for pretty much every day as we wanted to cram in as much as possible. We traveled to Sorrento in the morning which was beautiful, where we had some free time to explore and of course have some gelato. It is never to early to have gelato!

Then to finish the day off we headed back to Naples for a panoramic tour and most importantly to try a proper margherita pizza. The pizzas literally did not stop coming, you had to ask them when you wanted them to stop bringing them out. I honestly have to say it was the best pizza I have ever tasted! Fun fact as well... it's called the margherita pizza because it was made in honour of Queen Margherita.

Next stop was Rome. Again we split the day up into two. For the morning we headed out into the countryside out by Castel Gondolfo (where the Pope has his mini break) and marvelled at the scenery and the quaint town. Then all of a sudden there was a huge thunder and lightning storm which lasted for the rest of the day making it a very soggy trip! Anyway for lunch we headed to Nonna Lydia's farm where her family have a vineyard and restaurant as well. Nonna Lydia showed us how to make 3 different pastas then knocked us up with a delicious 5 course meal. We had bruschetta, tuna salad, gnocchi, lasagne, tiramisu and then espresso and biscotti!

After lunch we headed to the main part of Rome to view all the impressive buildings.

The final day in Italy was in the beautiful city of Florence and then a quick stop in Pisa for the obvious tourist photo. Florence has to be my absolute favourite destination out of this whole holiday. I couldn't get over how gorgeous and historical it looked all at once. For lunch we even dined in an ancient palace! Also another fun fact as I seem to like them in this post... Pinocchio originated from Florence. 

Next stop was Cannes, we decided to do a trip to Monaco and Monte Carlo as it's always been on my mums list of place to visit, I think she just wanted to pretend she was Grace Kelly. Although it was very expensive bursting with designer shops, they were both so picturesque and didn't even look real. They reminded me of little toy towns from fairy tales.

Our final stop was Marseille but I unfortunately don't have any pictures to share. Me and mum decided to take a day off from the tours to just spend some free time shopping.

All in all though I had a fantastic time and would definitely look into doing a cruise again, like I said I just love the fact you wake up in a new place every morning without the hassel of travel.

Have you ever been on a cruise before, did you enjoy it?

I hope you had a good weekend.

Ellé x

Sunday, 21 August 2016

Holiday prep with Beauty Kitchen

I'm off on holiday next weekend and the lovely owner of Beauty Kitchen, Jo, sent me over some products to try out. Now I've already tried a few products from Beauty Kitchen when I went to the Holland & Barrett 'More' store opening, which you can read about here, and quickly became a fan of their products. When I got sent these 3 items it couldn't have been sent at a better time to prep for my holiday.

Beauty Kitchen believe that people shouldn't have to compromise on their beauty products to be good to the environment. All of their products are 100% natural, 100% effective and 100% affordable - this is something I can completely vouch for!

One of my pet peeves is having dry hands, I constantly have to moistourise them else it makes me cringe. Now when I was at the More store opening they let me try some of the Inspire Me 60 Second Manicure and I fell in love with it, so when I got sent my very own pot I was a tad excited! I've been using this once a week and it's really helped prevent the dry skin that we can get around the nails, All you have to do is rub it generously onto wet hands for 60 seconds and voila you have cleansed, toned and moistourised hands in one making my painted nails look much nicer!

The next two products go hand in hand for the perfect bath and the softest skin. When running the bath I dissolve a big handful of the Pink and Pure Himalayan Salt under the running tap then squirt in some of the Chill Me Sensitive & Age Defying Bath Oil. The Himalayan Salt is a natural super remedy for almost anything including helping your muscles and improving and revitalising your skin, I also like to mix it with the oil and rub it on the soles of my feet and my heels to get rid of any dry skin, so my feet are perfect for wearing flip flops and relaxing by the pool.

The Chill Me Oil I think has to be my personal favourite. It is a rejuvenating oil that really nourishes and moistourises your body. It contains Abyssinian oil, organic lavender and rosemary which makes it perfect for sensitive and ageing skin. I struggle with certain body products, especially in baths, as they can bring up my eczema - this product didn't irritate my skin in the slightest which I was hugely relieved about. Using this in the bath feels like you're lying in silk - it's amazing! When you get out you literally have the softest and smoothest skin which lasts! I've been having baths with this in once a week and really notice a difference. I'm definitely going to use it the night before the flight as it can get so drying on the planes.

Have you tried anything from Beauty Kitchen yet? They have a great range of body and skin care products which can be suited for anyone!

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Ellé x

Please note these items were gifted but all view and opinions are my own.


Sunday, 14 August 2016

1 Dress 2 Ways

These wrap slip dresses are having a bit of a moment currently and I'm very glad about it! I picked up this number from Topshop a couple months ago now and they have so many different styles and patterns. Not only are they super comfy but they're also very versatile and can be worn a number of ways. I thought I would share 2 of my favourite go to looks I've been wearing lately.

Hope you had a good weekend.

Ellé x

Sunday, 7 August 2016

A Coconut Summer Routine

A few weeks ago when I was invited to the Holland & Barrett 'More' store opening they kindly gifted me with some goodies including Coconut Oil as well as Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil shampoo, conditioner and lip balm. Now, I absolutely love anything that smells like coconut especially in the summer time so I was super excited to try these products.

I love using coconut oil for my cooking as it's a healthier alternative to normal oil, it also adds a yummy taste to your food. Recently I have enjoyed using it every couple of weeks as a hair mask. I just get a small amount and rub it in my hands until it melts then apply from the mid section to the ends of my hair. I then leave this in my hair for a few hours while I potter about.

After a few hours I then wash it out with the Dr Organic Virgin Coconut Oil shampoo and conditioner. Due to the heat my hair has been getting a lot dryer and brittle and I've honestly found these products to be little life savers in taming the frizz and giving me silky soft hair without getting instantly greasy. Did I mention they smell A-MAZ-ING?!

I've also been finding my lips getting really dry because I'm a sucker at licking and biting my lips when I'm trying to concentrate at work. I don't really use lips balms as I find they can be a bit greasy and shiny (can someone please invent a matte lip balm?!) but this one by Dr Organics is a new firm favourite. It moistourises my lips without slipping and sliding all over the shot in the heat. The only downside is I desperately want to eat it!

Have you tried any of these products before? Did you like them as well?

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.

Ellé x

* Please note that although these products were gifted to me all opinions are my own.

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