Friday, 9 January 2015

The chameleon eyeshadow

Walk in Wax & Wane my new favourite eyeshadow by Topshop.

Wax & Wane is a beautiful buttery powder eyeshadow that changes like a chameleon in every light or movement. When you first look at the colour it looks bronze with hints of plum, then you start moving the shadow to try and work out the colour some more then BAM in come the amazing flecks of iridescent glitter (which I would like to add is so finely milled that you cant feel it at all, so it's not like having itchy and scratchy on your eyes) which shine purple, pink and blue.

I've been loving wearing this eyeshadow for nights out and being a bit of a tart and wearing it in the day time to juj (juj? jou? jouche? you know that noise i'm trying to say right?) up my face.

I recently watched a video back from New Years Eve where I had the eyeshadow on and it just made me fall in love again. Every time I made the slightest movement it just drew the attention back to my lids. When wearing it, it gives a gorgeous sheen to the eyes instead of just chunky clumps of glitter and it also didn't budge a smidge through out the night!

Here are some pictures of my sister in law, Sam. She loved the eyeshadow just as much a me and wanted me to play around with her eye makeup.

This eyeshadow definitely gets a 10 out of 10 shimmering star rating!

Let me know below in the comments what are your favourite eyeshadows at the moment.

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