Thursday, 9 April 2015

Makeup Revolution Haul & Swatches

The other day I was scrolling through the photos section on Instagram and came across the most beautiful makeup look. When I clicked on the image I noticed that the make up that was used was from a brand called Makeup Revolution. After finding this out I practically stalked them days on end until pay day and came across nothing but beautiful photos of the products in use and good comments. So when pay day came there were three things I just knew I really had to have.

Whittling it down to three was near on impossible and I could have brought everything on their website because everything looked amazing and really really affordable! I decided to go for the I Heart Chocolate palette, the Blushing Hearts Triple Baked Blusher in Candy Queen of Hearts and then the Lip Hug Lipstick in When you came to me.

Colour names L-R: You Need Love, Piece Me Together, One More Piece, Love Torn, Stolen Chocolate, Thank Friday, More!, Pleasure Girl, Meet Chocolate, Unforgivable, Love Divine, Smooth Criminal, Chocolate Love, You Need More, What A Way To Go and Endorphins Ready!
The I Heart Chocolate palette is an excellent dupe for the Two Faced Chocolate Bar palette, both sets contain exactly the same colours and they are both in the similar chocolate bar packaging. This palette is filled with beautiful warm nude colours that would make the perfect smokey eye. The thing I like about this palette is that it has a real variety of gorgeous colours and finishes to choose from with each and everyone of them having a purpose and an actual pigment. There are no duds in this palette, result!

As I just got this package today I haven't had the chance to be able to create a look with the eyeshadows and try them out properly, but from testing them out with my fingers it was love at first swatch!

Here are some swatches of the eyeshadows...

In the light
Not in the light

The Bake Blusher is another Two Faced dupe for their Sweethearts blush. Again this product didn't disappoint. The blusher is a beautiful trio of pink and coral goodness. This would look amazing either mixed all together as a blush or using one of the colours to highlight the tops of your cheek bones.

The Lip Hug Lipstick in When you came to me is a nudey coral lipstick that is perfect for everyday wear. When applying the lipstick I did find that it really did hug your lips and felt really nice once you were wearing it and it gave a decent amount of colour. 

Overall I am extremely impressed with each and everyone of these products and can't believe the quality of the product and packaging for how cheap it is. The eyeshadow palette is £7.99, the baked blush is £4.99 and the lipstick is £2.50!!! I will definitely be buying some more products very soon. 

Have you tried Revolution Makeup before? If so what are your favourite products so I can add them to my shopping list.



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