Monday, 25 May 2015

The Hair Saviour

I have been using the Garnier Ultimate Blends hair oil for a good 6 months and I can now confirm it is my hair saviour.

My hair naturally is a messy beach wavey kinda look, and before this product I never wore it natural because my hair is so damn frizzy, especially in the heat (think of Monica off Friends).

I've tried a lot of hair oils, masks, creams etc to tame the frizz, make my hair more manageable and give it that model worthy shine, but all I ever seem to get in return is greasey and dull hair. With the Marvelous Glow Oil I've really noticed a huge difference, I can now let my hair air dry and not to have to worry about taming the frizz. I also find that my hair is in much better condition and is easier to maintain and manage and NO greasey dull hair either!

You can use this product a few different ways but I usually pop this onto my hair once I've washed and brushed it with my tangle teezer. I use one pump and use most of it on the tips of my hair then anything remaining I slick from the roots down.

I couldn't recommend this hair oil enough. Please leave me a comment below with a hair product you would recommend me trying.


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