Monday, 20 July 2015

Cheap Alternative | Quay and Dior Sunglasses

For some reason I am currently obsessed with sunglasses, I think it is because they can really complete an outfit. Although I'm really liking them at the moment I refuse to spend big bucks on them as I either sit on them or loose them somewhere. Then I came across the Quay Australia Fleur and Dior So Real glasses and just knew I had to find a cheaper alternative.

I found the Quay dupe from the kids section in Primark and was so chuffed! They were only £2 whereas the original ones are £28 and really hard to get hold of. The Dior ones are from eBay and were another bargain at £3.98! The actual glasses cost £325 which is crazy.

Obviously the quality may not be the same, but they both do the job in looking good and actually blocking out the sun. I absolutely love them and they are most probably one of my favourite buys recently.

Leave me a comment below if you have any good dupes, i'd love to see them.


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