Sunday, 2 August 2015

Little Ondine Review

A couple of weeks ago I was kindly sent two nail varnishes to try from the lovely Rachel at Little Ondine. Little Ondine are a new innovative nail varnish brand with an all-in-one formula, composing of natural, non-toxic ingredients. Each bottle contains purified resin, colourants and water and promises to be odour free, quick drying and easy to peel off so you don't have to use nail varnish remover.

Now this all sounds like a dream but I was still a bit weary and thought initially that something might not exactly work as promised, but boy was I wrong. These nail varnishes are amazing and are my new favourite!

Colour: Smack

Colour: Boom
I was sent the colours Smack and Boom which are both matte and neon. As you can see I have tried both colours on and I have received tonnes of compliments on them because the colours are so beautiful and vibrant. I never usually go for matte as I prefer the gel kind of look and the matte ones I have tried have come out really chalky, but these little gems apply really well.

So lets look into them in more detail...

Odour free - true to its word these nail varnishes have no scent at all, not even a smidge. I personally hate the smell of usual nail varnishes and it always gives me a bit of a headache, so its very refreshing not having to stink out the entire room whilst painting your nails.

Quick drying - another tick in the box here. I couldn't actually quite believe how quick they did dry. This is perfect for me, I have no patience at all with things like painting my nails so I usually end up with at least three smudged nails within 2 minutes of painting them, but for the first time in forever this didn't happen. It didn't even give me the chance!

Colour - as you can see from the pictures above the colours are beautiful and bright. It did take me about 3/4 layers to get the colour I wanted but this didn't really bother me as I usually apply three layers with any other nail varnish anyway. As it drys so fast as well you don't have to wait ages between layers to avoid those horrid moments when you layer too much too fast and it all goes wrong, never dries, then you smudge it and its all just a bit too much to cope with.

Longevity - on my nails it lasted about 6 days before they started to peel.

Easy to peel - it is incredibly easy to peel off the nail varnish if you make a mistake or want to switch it up a bit and I didn't have to use any nail varnish remover. When peeling it off it didn't cause any damage to my actual nail and it was quite satisfactory to do.

Overall I love these nail varnishes and I would genuinely recommend them to anyone. They have lots of different colours on their website and they also do GLITTER one's as well. Isn't that amazing that you can get a glitter nail varnish that you don't have to scrub at for 10 years to remove?!

I hope you've all had a good weekend.

Ellé x

* Please note this was a PR sample but all views are my very own personal opinion 


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