Sunday, 22 November 2015

No7 Match Made Service

Last Thursday the lovely ladies from Drake Circus' No7 invited myself and a few other bloggers to their Christmas Blogger Event, to talk us through their Match Made Service.

All of us were split into groups of two where we then had a makeup consultant each to get the perfect match for our foundation.

This little nifty shifty device helps stop you making the horrid mistake of picking up the wrong shade of foundation and looking like an oompa loompa or ghost.

Basically how it works is they place the device on your jawline twice (each side once) and it then takes 200 photos of your skin with LED light to match you up with your perfect shade of foundation. This machine took 5 years to pull together and was tested on 2000 women to ensure they covered every shade. No7 now have 12 different foundation colours suitable for different skin types, and to make it better, once you know you're shade of foundation they can then show you what concealers, lipsticks and blushers would suit you best.

The lovely Charlotte did my base makeup using my new specially picked foundation. I have to admit I was really impressed with all the products that were used on me. For someone with quite sensitive skin I worry using new products, but all of them were really gentle and gave me a beautiful, natural dewey look which is exactly what I asked for!

Not only did we get to enjoy a lovely pamper, but they also gave us a couple of their Christmas goodies to take away.

One - how great do they look and two - how great are the products inside?! These presents are absolutely adorable and would make the perfect gift for someone special. What's even better is that they're inexpensive so they won't go breaking the bank.

I loved how my skin looked after the event and I was really impressed with all the products used on me.

If you're stuck in a bit of a rut with your makeup or want to get a lovely Christmas present for someone, I'd definitely recommend popping into your local Boots where I'm sure they'd be more than happy to match you up or help you out!

Have you tried the Match Made Service yet?

Ellé x

Saturday, 14 November 2015

H&M Beauty

I finally had the chance during the Christmas Light Switch-on to pop into my local H&M and buy some of their brand new beauty products. Boy am I impressed!

There was so much choice that I really struggled to reign it in and stop myself from buying every single item. In the end I decided to buy a couple sets and four of their beautiful nail varnishes.

L-R: Copper Penny,Verdigris, Metallic Lavender and A Winters Tale

I decided to go for quite wintery, festive and glittery nail varnishes to get me into the spirit, but there was every colour you could imagine; and how cute are the names? I've currently been wearing Copper Penny and Verdigris layered on top of each other, and to me they look great! The nail varnishes applied easily, dried quickly and so far after 4 days wear there has been no chips.

I thought Verdigris was a really strange name to call the glitter varnish, but once I googled it I actually found out it is the name for a green pigment obtained through the application of acid to copper plates. The name completely makes sense now as it does have specs of copper and green.

So there you go, a pointless fact for you this weekend. The nail varnishes were just £3.99 each but I think I also spotted some sets as well.

Cinnamon Roll

Chin Chin

I also brought The New Nudes Smoky Eye Trio which contains the High Impact Eye Colours. This gorgeous set would make a perfect Christmas present for a nude shadow lover, and it is really inexpensive for the quality of the product. This set was just £14.99. I believe you can also get the set with more silver/black shades as well if that is more to your taste.

Purple Reign

Sunrise Pink
The final thing I brought was the Lip and Cheek duo set, this includes a full size Cream Lip Colour in Purple Reign and a Powder Blush in Sunrise Pink. Again this makes a fantastic present for Christmas and the products are to die for. Sometimes I feel with gift sets they try and shift off their most dodgy sellers, but these are really beautiful wearable colours. This gift set was also £14.99.

If you haven't tried H&M Beauty yet I would definitely recommend giving it ago as well as buying a nice prezzie to give to a family member or friend. The products are great quality and the packaging looks classy and expensive.

Have you tried anything else from the new beauty range? Leave me a comment below of anything else you'd recommend!

Ellé x

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