Sunday, 26 March 2017

Irresistible Me Hair Extension review

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I have always wanted thick long mermaid hair but no matter how hard I try it never seems to grow as long or as thick as the Pinterest pictures I've been lusting after. When Irresistible Me reached out and asked if I wanted to try out their remy hair extensions, I jumped at the chance!

The first thing I needed to select was the thickness, length and the colour of the hair. This was all a bit overwhelming for me 1. because I am useless with measurements and find it impossible to picture what it would look like and 2. because I have multi-tonal blonde hair I had no idea what colour to get! After watching a helpful YouTube video on their channel I decided to go ahead with the Silky Touch hair extensions in Platinum Blonde 200g and 22 inches.

The hair extensions arrived in quite a small sleek box which initially made me worry that there wouldn't be enough hair. There was no need to worry, the hair was vacuum packed and neatly tied up in a hair net to avoid them getting tangled in transportation. It may not look a lot in the box but when I got them all out there was plenty and I don't even have enough headspace to fit them all in!

The colour of the hair extensions are not a perfect match, unfortunately, they're slightly more yellow in real life than my hair which is more on the ash-ier side. As I've not had hair extensions before I took them to my amazing hairdresser (also sister in law) to show me how to blend them into my hair correctly. It is actually a really simple process and the clips are very comfortable to wear, the hair does feel heavy when wearing it but it's definitely not uncomfortable.

The hair extensions are 100% natural remy so can be styled and washed like your normal hair. My hairdresser was really impressed with the quality of the hair and how much you got for the money, and so was I! We decided to style the extensions in a cascading fishtail plait for ultimate Rapunzel feels.

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions

I will be definitely using these hair extensions for special occasions and I think they're going to be great for my bridal hair up-do.

Have you had hair extensions before?



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